Massages proposed in room

Bamboo Energy Massage
Draining, relaxing, tonic
100 euros (1h)- 60 euros (30 min)
Massage with bamboo of different sizes to work muscles deeply
in a both tonic and relaxing way (use of neutral oil )

«Harmony of India » Massage
Drainage : energy circuits
100 euros (1h)- 60 euros (30 min)
Ayurvedic massage, pressure on energy zone
Use of neutral oil

« Asian Harmony » Massage
Deep massage
100 euros (1h)- 60 euros (30 min)
Japanese massage (shiatsu style) to balance energy meridians,

No product used

Energy facial treatment
Nuskin method + massage
110 euros

Various treatments
60 euros (30 minutes)
Back and shoulders

Treatment package for 2
2×30 minutes
120 euros